Carters INC is an American children’s clothing and fashion retail chain that includes many brands such as Carter’s, OshKosh B’gosh, Skip Hop, Simple Joys, Just One You, Genuine Kids, Child of Mine, and Precious Firsts. All brands meet the different needs of newborns, babies, and parents, such as clothing, bedding, accessories, diapers, strollers, bath toys, gifts, etc.Carters-Credit-Card_ Carter’s INC was founded in 1865 and operated approximately 600 stores across the United States. Among children’s clothing and fashion products, it is the largest brand distributor in the country. Carters credit cards allow customers to pay online and in-store and save on purchases seamlessly. Atlanta and Georgia are the headquarters of this American clothing company.

Carter’s does not issue credit cards. Instead, it partnered with Comenity Capital Bank, the issuer of the Carters Credit Card, on behalf of Carters Inc. Carters Credit Card, known as Business Rewards Card. Discounts on specific items or branded purchases are often available through store loyalty cards.Carters-Credit-Card-Store

Carter’s has been one of America’s most popular children’s stores since 1865. It started as a humble business in North Carolina, but today it has grown into a multinational corporation with over 300 locations worldwide. Carter offers the customer service, payment, and credit card connection standards that are right for you. The Company sells its products through its Oshkosh B’gosh retail store and has Carter retail stores in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and online stores.

The Carters Credit Card Online Customer Portal gives you 24/7 access to your account to make an online payment, view your transactions, and more. Carter’s credit card is an upgrade to the Company’s current rewards program, Rewarding Moments, with over 12 million active members.

Carter’s offers several payment plans with the Carter Credit Card. Carter’s Credit Card offers a free delivery service and a unique discount opportunity. Plus, the Company gives you double points when you use $1 with your Carter credit card. Offer extra perks like free shipping, annual giveaways, and access to exclusive events.